Upon holding the International Canal Forum

Today we are delighted to announce that the International Canal Forum will be held this year, as inviting guests and representatives of a colorful, diverse range from around the world. Especially those experts with love and enthusiasm for waterside resources, with belief in the future promises they hold, and also many stakeholders engaged with urban revitalization and “Machizukuri” (meaning, ‘building of a town’) activities are all welcome to be part of the occasion. On a global level, here all the players active in the field may gather, share wisdom and discuss many possibilities to reinforce the grand flow of the many worldwide efforts and movement being undertaken at present.

It all began from the Nakagawa Canal
Flowing through the central districts of Nagoya, and called “the No. 1 Grand Canal of the Orient,” this canal came to full operation back in 1930 as a major channel connecting Nagoya’s seaport with the former Kokutetsu Sasashima Station, and supported the “Monozukuri of Nagoya” until mid-1960’s. Over the Canal, export of goods and freight such as ceramic products, minerals, and cotton commodities, etc. were transported down to large ships and vessels docked at the seaport, and therefore the town flourished with much business and growth. Uncountable number of boats which used to travel up and down the Nakagawa Canal proved how an important waterway it was, pivotal to the overall progress of the City of Nagoya.
*Kokutetsu = (former) National Railway, now “JR” – Japan Railway
“Monozukuri ” (*Art of manufacturing)

This flow must not be stopped, – this is what we think.
In major towns around the world today, a good “Town-building” (“Machizukuri”), has certainly turned into a key trend or “mainstream” of interest common to many communities. Making effective use of canal’s waterfront, the lots and properties in the surrounding, are of those many schemes pursued. With this in mind, our aspiration is for the upcoming “International Canal Forum NAGOYA 2020” to become such a place that will offer opportunities for the community residents, creators, local administration, corporations and businesses to all gather, think together, unite and moreover stay connected so that all the challenges can be modestly but tirelessly be discussed until answers found on how to enliven the waterfront areas. Extensive efforts will be given to make sure that all the high potentials lying inside the flow of Nakagawa Canal can be exerted to the utmost, while aiming at reaching a new horizon.
At the same time, let us guide everyone to keep thinking what the canal and its waterfront areas mean to us. As such discussions continue diligently from the global viewpoint as well, those assets and essences found at the basin can eventually be understood by us all with more appreciation felt for it, – also study ways to maintain these waters in their richest, fullest state with everybody working together and sharing common goals.

Creating of waterside spaces that are innovative, for the benefit of our future generations ––
Such are the reasons why all the intelligence and wisdom must here merge and come to one.

This is what the International Canal Forum is committed to achieve.